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$500bn in Global Revenues

Large scale & complex organisations

Digital Alchemist has worked with global organisations that have total revenues of $500+bn

Our key client sectors include Telecommunications, Utilities, Oil & Gas and the Public Sector

We have established manufacturing and sourcing facilities in China, India and Russia

$10bn in Cost Savings Delivered

Sustainable results with a systematic approach

$10bn in savings delivered through digital enterprise & supply chain transformations

We have proven experiences in the rapid delivery of cost savings

Our benefits-driven approach builds sustainability

20x Return on Investment

To fund our clients’ future growth & enhance profitability

Digital alchemist has delivered 20+ times return on investment to our clients

Our services include: Digital Excellence, Supply Chain, Procurement & Governance

We are the advisor you can trust to deliver the results to your bottom line

The company

Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International Ltd offers premier enterprise-wide digital business transformation and turnaround services that focus on Digital Operational Excellence, Supply Chain, Category Management & Sourcing Excellence, Change Management, Customer Experience and Corporate Governance solutions. These are tailored to the needs of your customers and business. We work with and support clients who are global leaders in the utilities, technology, telecommunications & media, oil & gas, and food industries, as well as the public sector. We operate in North America, Europe and Asia, where we have also supported the establishment of manufacturing and sourcing facilities in China, India & Russia.

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The Odyssey Principle - Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring Solutions
We have embodied our teaching and learning and created an overarching "The Odyssey Principle" solution. Some people use the phrase that life is a journey. Your life deserves to be more than a journey; your life deserves to be an Odyssey.

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Our Clients include organisations, who are global leaders in their market places, which include the Financial Services, Technology, Support Services and Public sectors.


Our market focus includes these sectors:


Oil & Gas


Professional Support Services





Our clients include organisations that are global leaders in their market places. These include the Financial Services, Technology, Support Services and Public sectors.

Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International Ltd is well placed to:

  • Help fast growth companies “alleviate growing pains” by implementing “best in class” processes

  • Help companies achieve aggressive growth targets that satisfy stakeholder expectations

  • Help companies that require digital thought leadership and an improved customer experience

“The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing”

Douglas Engelbart, American Inventor

Our services

Implementing digital operational excellence across the enterprise or in critical targeted processes, e.g. the Supply Chain, etc.

Developing and implementing a collaborative & commerce strategy

Delivering on digital transformation & turnaround strategies

Implementing "deep rooted" operational cash management

Optimising commercial strategies, including strategic category management sourcing, procurement, outsourcing & offshore services

Operationally evaluating merger and acquisition targets from an operational leadership and solutions perspective

Establishing world-class corporate governance & ethics management processes

Establishing rigorous & global category management to deliver real competitive value and reduce the overall strategic cost base

Operationalising collaborative e-procurement and e-partnerships

Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International Ltd provides sustainable value added solutions to your business. We improve the customer experience by streamlining and simplifying your critical business processes. Examples of this include:

  • Digital strategy

  • Customer experience

  • Purchase to pay

  • Business governance

  • Product lifecycle management

  • Supply chain

We deliver premier consulting services that will significantly improve your business results through enterprise and process transformation.

We strive to obtain a deep understanding of your business objectives and identify vital processes and results measures that will transform the results of your organisation.

We support you in structuring your organisation so that you have a clear line of sight view of your end-to-end business processes by seamlessly integrating people, processes and technology.

We achieve this by working with you to obtain a deep understanding of how your critical processes work and how they effect and support the end customer experience.

We partner with the best, whether that it is for technology, project or process management.

Mentoring & Coaching

Digital Alchemist now offers world-class mentoring and coaching services.

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What we mean

Operational excellence – a definition

Performing similar activities that outperform the competition.

It is the optimisation of the organisation, including its structure, processes, resources and knowledge.

Having a deep understanding of the process, including its "customer-related raison d’etre" external benchmarks, key process steps, values, inputs and outputs, together with the establishment of process control parameters and upper & lower control limits.

High performance leadership – a definition

A clear and concise strategic direction, including a high performance team environment, world-class values, passion, inspiration and engagement.

Developing quality instincts and reflexes that guide:

  • Hands – to be occupied on the right activities

  • Heads – to set strategy and focus on the right activities

  • Hearts – to inspire and create the right culture, value and ethics

“The Internet of Everything will be five to ten times more impactful in the next decade than the entire internet to date”

John Chambers, Cisco CEO

Case Studies

  • Healthcare
    The programme delivered $364M in the first year and a further $1.1B in the following years, totalling $3.2B
  • Telecommunications
    The transformation successfully delivered by accelerating cultural change & making savings of circa $550M
  • Thought Leadership
    Our insight and experience of the journey to Operational Excellence in a supply chain environment

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

George Bernard Shaw

Founder & CEO

James Fintain Lawler
Founder & CEO

From Jim:

“Delivering significant, sustainable value in digital enterprise transformations requires deep business knowledge, a robust foundation of disciplined process rigour and the ability to harness the imagination and innovation of the entire organisation.”

James Fintain Lawler is a renowned business and thought leader who has held numerous executive positions in Fortune 100 / FTSE 100 companies. He is also a former Partner with PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP), the $30 billion global consulting firm. James led its British Columbia, Canada, Operational Excellence & Supply Chain practice. The executive roles he has held include Executive Director & Chief Financial, Information and Procurement Officer for Xerox EMEA, which is part of the $20+billion Xerox Corporation. James’ expertise includes digital enterprise operational excellence, supply chain transformations, including category management & strategic sourcing and performance improvement.

During his 10+ years consulting career, James has worked in industries including: utilities, technology, communications, oil and gas, food and the public sector, where he has been responsible for delivering circa $10 billion in savings within enterprise and supply chain digital transformations. During his career he has held senior executive positions in PwC, TELUS, Reckitt Benckiser, Quaker Oats (PepsiCo), BOC and Xerox Corporation. His experience also includes working for circa 10 years in North America as well as supporting the establishment of manufacturing & sourcing facilities in China, India and Russia.

During his time as Quality Director for Xerox EMEA he led the company to win the British, France and Netherlands Quality Awards.

Jim’s “Firestorm” presentations in Collaborative Commerce, Enterprise Transformation and e-Procurement have set audiences “alight” as they demonstrate his obvious passion and knowledge of the subjects and successfully integrate his fire-walk experiences into the presentation. His visionary leadership in e-partnerships has also been recognised in the Industry Report, ‘Spotlight on e-partnerships’. He is also a recognised industry keynote speaker on Collaborative Commerce, e-Business, Digital Transformation Management and Strategic Category Management Sourcing for the Institute for International Research, the International Faculty for Executives and Infoconomy Organisations.

James has jointly published a book with KPMG on World Class Business Governance and Internal Control and co-authored a book on the Firestorm – Global Collaborative Commerce, as well as written numerous articles published on Quality and Audit processes.


“An organisation's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

Jack Welch, Former GE CEO


Our approach leverages the Digital Operational Excellence philosophy. This produces outcomes that are better than “the competition” by leveraging sector-agnostic best-in-class practices. This is achieved by optimising the organisation’s structure, processes, resources and knowledge. We do this by providing:
  • Strategies that are aligned and fully integrated to the organisation’s digital strategic priorities, sometimes referred to as the “golden thread”

  • Organisation that directly supports your goals and priorities

  • Lean and simplified processes that have been designed with the outcome and end-user experience in mind

  • Knowledge and subject matter expertise, optimised in order to deliver best value for organisations

  • Pragmatic and fit for purpose solutions to deliver your organisation's goals

We solve the challenges you face in funding the future growth of your business by successfully championing an operational excellence business approach.

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